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Hello everybody, this site was established in September 2017. It has also shared a lot of ACG music Tabs. At present, this site is still in the of growing up, but the all fees for this site have always been borne by me. For a long time, this burdened me greatly.

It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain the site/make a Tabs ,and it’s almost all is me doing it. Although it may be an insignificant for you, but it’s also need a lot of time and effort I’ve designed .

If you like this site, you can consider joining the Member to support this site. Joining members can view the member area and download all Tabs on this site.
Please note,the intention of joining a member is to help and support this site with action, so this site can do better. The Tabs is a kind of a gift.
All funds obtained will be used to pay for the server’s costs on the site, and then i will consider purchasing some powerful function code to make the site easier to use.
And last, if allowed, I will use it to upgrade of my video production equipment. Thank you.

Please also help us to promote / share this site. Thank you.

加入会员-Join Member

点击上方入口进入购买页-Click on the top menu to enter the purchase page

选择欲购买的方案-Choose the plan you want to buy

点击下方的paypal checkout 付款-Click below paypal checkout to make a payment.


The payment method only supports paypal, after payment you can get the download Features(All Tabs/page).


Thank you for your support!!